Who are Illumin8 Productions?

We live in Hervey Bay.
We work on-line.
We shoot in Queensland!

Illumin8 Productions is the newly rebranded production division of the well established company, Seven Levels who have been producing creative commercials in the Wide Bay since 2012!

Owned and managed by husband and wife team, Shannon and Tanya Glen, we frequently collaborate with other content producers and production businesses in the regions spanning from Bundaberg to the Sunshine Coast.  We work with all levels from government to television networks to private businesses and even sole proprietors.   We sub-contract crew and talent which creates employment in our region and give back to our community through sponsorship and volunteer work.

We strive to creatively achieve your production objectives within your budget!  Whether you’re looking to shoot an affordable low-budget video for social media or an elaborate high-budget government or corporate series, we never compromise on creativity or quality. 

The pricing and quotation we give you is precise and detailed.  In addition to some of our fixed, full-service video production rates, we customize your quote to fit your video marketing and advertising plans. 


Illumin8 Productions / Seven Levels on set shoot


From single shooter hand-held or gimble operations, to multi-camera event shooting, we are positioned to produce your video.

Drone operations at The Waves Bundaberg


Whether a small and quick eye in the sky or planned and scheduled, fully licensed operations are required.  We have the skills, the team and qualifications to get your aerial production shot on budget.


Our business does NOT SUPPORT vaccine mandates, nor will we ever discriminate against our fellow humans.  You are always welcome to work with us irregardless of your personal choices and private medical history.


We stand with those businesses who wish to welcome all customers.

Hold the line.  Love overcomes division.