architectural photo & video

Showcase your commercial shopfitting, store layout, accommodation or any commercial space to drive sales and take bookings using high resolution cameras and tilt-shift optics along with fluid and compelling video! 

Architectural Photography and Video

Architectural photography and video production are a key component of the commercial sector. They are used to showcase buildings, resorts, shops, and other architectural structures.

Architectural photography is a niche that has seen a significant rise in demand over the last few years. It is used extensively in the commercial sector, by architects shop-fitters, cabinetmakers and interior designers to promote their work and by clients who want to show off their new buildings and developments.

Commercial architecture photography is not just about capturing the building itself, but also about showcasing the environment that it inhabits. This includes everything from landscaping to lighting, as well as showcasing the interior design of buildings.

Architectural video production is also a growing trend with many companies opting for this medium to showcase how their space can be used or for advertising purposes. Architectural video production can be done in a walkthrough style which times to a matching music bed or documentary style, with a focus on the architecture, design and interior of the building. Some clients may request certain shots to be filmed from certain angles or pointing towards an object. The camera is typically handheld on a gimbal, as it offers for more fluidity in movement. 

We produce high quality architectural photography and architechtural videos in Hervey Bay, Bundaberg, Maryborough, Sunshine Coast and the greater regions of Wide Bay and the Fraser Coast.

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